Thursday, April 9, 2015

Spellbinder Entertainment will help you Believe in Magic.... all over again!

What Is Story Magic?

Since ancient days, people clustered in groups and invented stories to explain the unexplainable —the Seasons, the Elements, the Stars.

The Stories, Fables, and Myths that arose were filled with Wonder, Magic, and Healing, and provided a foundation upon which a people explored their beliefs.

Shaman Priests, Druid Teachers, and Wise Women all understood the power of the Spoken Word –while in our time “entertainment” is epitomized by canned-comedy on television– the gulf has widened between our amusements and our inner truths.

As practitioners of the Art of Magic we recognize the necessity of re-introducing these ancient forms of amusement in a new guise.

Why can a movie, with plot-twists and special-effects, move us so deeply when most live entertainers move us only to laughter —if they elicit any emotional response at all?

As a contemporary conjurers we strive to combine the Art of Magic and the Art of Storytelling to evoke for today's audience a sense of Astonishment, Emotional Intensity, and Wonder —things lost to many of us since childhood.

The united powers of Myth and Magic take us on a kaleidoscopic journey of feelings and experiences. They hold a mirror to our mind,  and reflect the truth of the Human Experience in the form of entertainment.

Our presentations transport our audience to another world
—called Imagination— and on this journey reveal the Truths of the Heart, while Magically entertaining the senses!

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