Monday, June 22, 2015

My Nob Hill to Union Square Tour in San Francisco Begins

Great first weekend!

Wandering around the hill in perfect weather, getting to know nice folks, and tipping my hat for photo selfies with smiling strangers.

I'm excited to share my passion with larger groups in the coming weeks!

Victorian Gentleman’s “Snob Hill” Walking Tour

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

My Victorian Gentleman on "Snob Hill" Walking Tour!

My walk gets underway in only two more days! Join me in exploring Nob Hill in my tour with a unique twist. Shhh... we’ve put a few 1/2 price admissions on Goldstar Events to celebrate our opening!

The Follies, Fortunes, and Foibles of Old San Francisco! An intriguing stroll from historic Nob Hill to Union Square.

     Locals affectionately nicknamed the ultra-wealthy Nob Hill neighborhood “Snob Hill” it’s one of the most charming, picturesque, and historic areas in San Francisco.

     Your tour begins in scenic Huntington Park on the tip-top of Nob Hill. You’ll learn fascinating facts about Grace Cathedral, hear the chilling tale of the California Street Ghost Bride, and see where “Maltase Falcon” Detective Sam Spade lived.

     We’ll walk the sites where the infamous “Big Four” Silver Baron millionaire’s mansions stood before the 1906 Earthquake and hear all about their scandalous careers and feuds.

     You’ll get the inside stories of the landmark Fairmont, Mark Hopkins, and Stanford Court Hotels, and see where Alfred Hitchcock filmed his classic movie “Vertigo.” Find out what secrets hide within the Pacific Union Club, the former Flood Mansion, that survived the Earthquake and fires.

     We’ll walk alongside Andrew Hallidie’s Cable Car tracks as we stroll down the Powell Street hill, passing the mysterious “Family” Men’s’ Club and infamous Madam Tessie Wall’s home.

     You’ll end your journey at Union Square, hearing about the resident Ghost of the Chancellor Hotel, Big Alma’s Statue in the Square, the beloved St. Francisco Hotel, and the fate of Barbary Coast’s Maiden Lane.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Make your life a Magical event this week!

Magic is what we perceive.
The Magical is how we choose to live.
Dare to walk through that portal today
and let me know what happens throughout this next week.

Walt Anthony, San Francisco Magician and Storyteller

Friday, June 5, 2015

NEW- A Victorian Gentleman’s Nob Hill Walking Tour!

As you know I love talking about San Francisco’s legend, lore, and history. All the wonderful and eccentric people and places. So I’m starting a walking tour! I’ll guide small groups around town, and yes, there will of course be some Magic involved!

In just a few short weeks, near the end of June, I’ll be starting my “Victorian Gentleman on Snob Hill” tours. (That’s the nickname that wealthy hill has.)

I’m really excited to bring some of the intriguing tales from my San Francisco Magic Parlor shows onto the streets and actually walk people around my favorite sites in my favorite town.

Here’s a sneak-peek at the Time Machine Travel website.

I hope you can join me this Summer and experience my city like never before! If you’re local I’d love to show you new things, if you’re from out of town come back and visit us!

Magically, Walt Anthony